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Armed forces strong enough to throw back aggressor: Niazi

Lt. Gen A.A.K. Niazi, commander, Eastern command and Martial Law Administrator, zone 'B' during his tour of northwestern region of the province yesterday, assured the people that the Armed Forces in East Pakistan were strong enough to fight back the war into the soil of the aggressor, as and when it was thrust on us, reports APP.

He advised the people to continue their patriotic role in weeding out anti state elements and Indian agents from within the province.

General Niazi who was accompanied by the GOC, was on a day's visit to Pabna, Rajshahi and Bogra districts.

General Niazi, travelling by army helicopter first landed at Natore, where, in a briefing by the local commander, he was told that vigilant troops had suitably plugged all possible routes of attack. The law and order situation in the area was also under control. The local commander, however add that some Indian agents at times tried to hamper movement of Jute but Razakars and the local people had thwarted their attempts. The local commander also said that Indian agents made some abortive attempts to smuggle jute into India.

At Mahadebpur (Rajshahi). General Niazi saw Razakars at training. He also watched them busy in target shooting. Their standard of mark manship was fairly high. In the same area, he saw troops busy in their normal training.

From Mahadepbur General Niazi flew to border area of Bogra District where he inspected the defensive deployment of troops. He also gave instruction to improve defences at Places so that the enemy does not find any loophole to exploit. Travelling by jeep in the border area, he saw people voluntarily repairing roads ;and embankments eroded by the recent rains . He was impressed by their morale and confidence. As the General drove by these people enthusiastically cheered him and raised patriotic slogans. He stopped at each place, shook hands with them and enquired about their welfare. They all looked happy and cheerful.

Flood Affected Areas

Later General Niazi flew over flood affected areas of Pabna district and landed at Pabna town where he discussed the relief measures with the local officials. He was told that the flood situation had considerably improved and relief work was satisfactorily progressing. They said that initially there were some reports of Cholera but timely measures had checked the outbreak of the epidemic.

General Niazi also drove through Pabna Bazar which was humming with normal activities.

At various place during the tour, General Niazi informally talked to the troops and found them in high spirits.

He also addressed members the plight of a subdued nation. He reminded them of the miserable conditions under which the Muslims spent their days in pre-independence period and said, "We will not allow our children to go under Hindu domination. We will not tolerate our mothers and sisters to be at their mercy.

General Niazi in the end advised the people to remain united and fight out the enemies of Islam and Pakistan. Quoting instances from Muslim history, he said, "We were never defeated by the superior might of our adversary." He added that only traitors undermined our unity and brought us defeat in certain battles. He advised the people to be aware of such traitors and help the authorities in eliminating them.

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Disease, hunger and death stalk refugee camps across border

Chapai (Nawabgong): Sept. 8(APP): Disease, hunger and death stalk the so-called refugee camps across the border, according to reports trickling in here.

Though many of the camps have been washed away by the current sweep of flood waters no arrangement has been made to shelter these displaced persons who were lured away from their hearths and homes in East Pakistan by the false propaganda launched by the Indian publicity media. Living under open sky, these wretched people from East Pakistan are taking out their existence in hardship of unimaginable proportion.

Whatever ration used to be given earlier has now been drastically reduced making their life simply miserable. On top of this, the supply of edibles and fuel has been totally stopped. Discrimination in the supply of ration between the Hindu and Muslim refugees has added to the hardship to the later.

According to reports, the Muslim displaced persons have to subsist on weeds and wild vegetables following the nonsupply or reduction of quota of essential commodities in the camps. The consumption of unwholesome foodstuffs has resulted in the out break of various disease including cholera. More than 200 persons died of cholera during the last one week in the so-called refugee camps in Malda. Lack of treatment coupled with the lack of proper care has contributed to make the life of Muslims hellish.

The tragedy of the Muslim displaced persons did no end there. The guardians of the young Muslim girls have to spend their day and night in great panic for fear of their being molested and raped by the Hindu goondas in collusion with the Indian Force.

Many of Muslim girls has fallen victim to the carnal desire of the Hindu goondas while their parents had to bear the torture and ignoring as helpless and silent onlookers cursing themselves for being hoodwinked by the Indian propaganda.

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Number of leaders and supporters of defunct AL surrender

Chandpur, Sept. 8 (APP): A good number of local leaders and supporters of the defunct Awami League have surrendered to the authorities here assured to their assistance and co-operation for the solidarity, integrity progress and prosperity of Pakistan.

They also expressed their views and firm determination to stand against the anti state elements and Indian agents.

Among other who surrendered are:-

Chand Box Patwary, Mukhtier, ex-president, sub-division al Awami League and Mukhtier Bar association, Dr. Mujibur Rahman Chowdhury, Brother of Mr. Mizanur Rahman Chowdhury MNA, Nasiruddin patwary, Mukhtier, ex-vice Chairman, sub-Divisional Awami League and secretary Red- Cross Fazlul Haque Advocate ex-member, executive committee, sub-divisional Awami League, Khurshed Alam Chowdhurty, ex-treasurer, sub Divisional Awami League Bazlur Rahman Sheikh, ex-member, Awami League and Chairman, Tarparchandi Union Council, Siddiqur Rahman Mirdha, ex-member Awami League and Chairman, Ibrahimpur Union Council, Azim Box patwary, contractor, ex-member Awami League, Mofazzal Hossain ex-member Awami League and Union Council and Dr, Nurul Islam, Social welfare secretary Faridgonj Thana Awami League.

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7,700 more DPs return home

Seven thousand and seven hundred more displaced Pakistan nationals returned to East Pakistan, it was officially learnt today.

Four thousand five hundred of the returnees reported at the reception centres 1694 at Sathkhira 1731 at different reception centres in Dinajpur district, 451 at Jhikarghacha, 289 at Ukhiya and rest at other centres.

Of 3,200 displaced persons who returned through unrecognised routes, 1859 entered into Sylhet district, 1085 into Dinajpur district.

There were among the returnees, 2,733 non-Muslims of whom 2,471 returned through reception centres.

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Malik may name his Ministers by end of next week (By our staff Reporter)

The East Pakistan Governor Dr. A.M. Malik is expected to announce his council of Ministers by the end of next week, according to political circles in Dacca.

The Second Phase for the hunt of a talents for the council of Ministers is a almost complete and little over two dozen names are with the Governor for his consideration, The Council of Ministers is expected to comprise not more than 12 members.

Dr. Malik who is making all out efforts to hurry through the formation of the council of Ministers to rush the relief and  rehabilitation of the returnees from India and revitalise  the economy of the province had held talks influential political leaders and eminent citizen in this regard.

In view of the changed circumstances and challenging task before the Government here, it was almost certain that the council of Minister will be predominantly a "council of talents" with symbolic representation from the political parties. The main task before the "talents" drawn mostly from amongst the leading citizens, social workers, educationists and experts will be looking after law and order situation and help the central Government create atmosphere congenial for political activities leading to bye-elections.

But the political circles feel that full-fledged participation of the political parties in the administration will enhance the chances of large-scale participation of the people in various walks of life including economy. The argument is that political leaders with definite following amongst the masses will be able to better project the Government and thus seek the support of the masses in favour of implementation of gigantic task of relief and rehabilitation of the returnees from India.

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Bhutto ill, puts off talks with Yahya

Karachi, Sept. 8 (PPI): Mr. Z.A. Bhutto who was to have flown to Rawalpindi tomorrow morning for talks with president Yahya, has postponed his visit because of indisposition, it was announced her today.

Mr. Bhutto sent a telegram to the president today expressing his inability to be available for the talk scheduled for 10 a.m. at the president's House, tomorrow.

However, Mr. Abdul Hafeez Pirzada, MNA-elect and chairman of the Karachi, peoples party said the postponement should not give rise to any speculation, He said the projected talks have not been broken and will continue."

He said the PPP chief had a strenuous tour of Larkana, Dadu and Hyderabad districts and was running temperature.

This evening Mr. Bhutto was to meet newsmen at his clifton residence but this had also to be cancelled. He returned from Hyderabad this morning after a 3 day visit. Mr. Peerzada said that Mr. Bhutto will be visiting the Mazar of Quaid-e-Azam on Sept. 11 at 11 a.m. to offer fateha. He said this programme of his party chief stands unless announcement contrary to this is issued.

Mr. Peerzada when asked whether any date for the meeting with the president has been fixed, he replied that he had nothing to add to his statement but it is learnt from reliable source that Mr. Bhutto will be visiting Pindi after Sept11.

Mr. Bhutto has been advised complete rest by his doctors for a few days. He is expected to stay in the city for a couple of days.

On his Pindi visist he was to be accompanied by Mr. J.A. Rahim, Mr. Mahmood Ali Qasuri, Mr. Rafi Peerzada and Mr. Hafeez Pirzada.

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Mahmud Ali to lead Pak team at UN Assembly

Islamabad, Sept 8 (APP): Mr. Mahmud Ali, Vice president of the Pakistan Democratic Party (PDP), will lead Pakistan's delegation to the forthcoming session of the United Nations General Assembly, it was officially announced today.

Mr. Agha Shahi Pakistan's Ambassador and permanent representative to the United Nation's will be the Deputy leader.

The 16 man delegation will consist of non-official as well as official members.

The non official members are Mr. Justice Zakiuddin Pal Judge, High Court, Lahore; Shah Aziaur Rahman, Advocate, Dacca, Mr. Zulmat Ali Khan, advocate, Dacca, Mr. Kamal Farooqi, Bar-at- Law, Karachi, Dr, Begum Inayatullah, Ph.D. Mrs. Razia Faiz, ex-MNA, Dr. Fatima Sidiq, Dacca University, Mr. A.T. Saadi, advocate, High Court, Dacca and Mr. Khakan Babar, advocate, Lahore.

The official members of the delegation will be: Mr, Agha Shahi Ambassador and permanent representative of Pakistan to the United Nations, Mr. M.A. Alvie, Additional Foreign secretary, Mr. A.H.B. Tyabji Ambassadar of Pakistan to Moroco, Mr. I.A. Akhund, Ambassador of Pakistan to Yogoslavia, Mr. Yusuf J. Ahmed, Director General United Nations, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Mr. Zahid Said, Bar-at-Law, Deputy Legal Adviser, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Islamabad.

The delegation will also assisted by officials of the Pakistan mission to the United Nations, New York and Diplomatic officers from the neighbouring missions and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The 26th session of the United Nations General Assembly is opening at the UN Headquarters in New York from September 21.

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Indian agent captured in Comilla

Comilla, Sept. 8 (APP): One Indian agent equipped with grenades was captured recently by the local people at Daulatganj bazar, it was learnt.

A youngman roaming in the market aimlessly attracted the attention of some local people who on doubt apprehended him on search, two grenades were recovered from the folded gunny bag which he was carrying in his hand. The culprit was handed over to the local authority.

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Big powers urged to take realistic view of East Wing situation

Mymensingh, Sept. 8 (PPI): Mr. Hashimuddin Ahmad, a former provincial minister, has appealed to the big powers to take a realistic view of the situation in East Pakistan and call India back to sanity.

He was speaking at a symposium on September war and the nation which was organised by the local centre of Pakistan council in observance of Defence of Pakistan Day on Monday.

Mr. Hashim bitterly criticised the Indian leadership for hate campaign and threat of war against Pakistan and asked them to attend the problems of Indian people without meddling in other's internal affairs,

He urged upon the people to realise the nefarious designs of the Indians and stand like a rock to defend the territorial integrity of Pakistan.

The former minister paid glowing tributes to the Armed Forces of Pakistan for saving Pakistan time and again from external aggression and internal subversion.

Other speakers who included Mr. A. Hannan, Ex MPA, Mr. Safiuddin Advocate and Mr. Golam Kibria also paid rich tributes to those who laid down their lives in the defence of the country.

Two papers on by Mrs. Syed Soraiya Kibria, Lecturer of Residential Model school, and Mr. A. Bari professor of A.Z.College were read out at the symposium.

On the occasion, an exhibition of paintings by children on September war was also arranged.

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People abroad keen to find out about Pakistan: Mahmud Ali

Mr. Mahmud Ali, vice president, Pakistan Democratic Party (PDP) told members of his party on Thursday that people abroad were "keen to find truth about Pakistan," says a press release of the party, reports APP.

According to the press release Mr. Mahmud Ali was giving his impression about his tour of foreign countries.

People now realised the falsehood of the propaganda launched by Indian publicity media in foreign countries, Mr. Ali said.

Mr. Ali addressed a number of gatherings organised by Pakistani's staying there, including a mammoth public meeting at Trafalgar square in London which, according to old Londeners, was the biggest even since world war 11, the release said.

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E. Pak crisis Result of Injustices

The publicity secretary of the All Pakistan Jamiat-e-Ulama-e-Islam, Maulana Abdul Hakim, said in Dacca yesterday that the present situation in East Pakistan was the result of the injustice done to this province during the last 24 years, reports APP.

Addressing a press conference at Ahsan Manzil, Dacca yesterday morning, Maulana Hakim maintained that the country would not have faced such a crisis, had the majority province been allowed to enjoy its due share in all spheres of national life.

He expressed the hope that the future constitution of the country to be produced by the president should invariably incorporate the Islamic country principles of Justice so that no province could be deprived of its due share in future.

The Jamiat Publicity secretary felt that the first and foremost duty should be to restore confidence of the people of this providence. He appealed to all the political parties not to exploit the crisis in their own benefits or interests,

He also observed that in view of Indian threat the people in general, and the Razakars, in particular, should be given full military training (Fouji training). So that they could face the enemies till the arrival of armed forces in their aid.

Regarding the publicity and information media of the country, he emphasised the need for having more powerful transmission of Radio Pakistan, so that its programmes could be heard from foreign countries. "We must have to reply to the All India Radio; and BBC through our transmitting centres," he added.

He was also in favour of introducing Arabic programme so that the Arab countries might not misunderstand us in the circumstances. This was what the All India Radio and BBC were doing to mislead the Arabs about the situation in Pakistan, he continued.

He also suggested that the peace committee must be represented by members of all the political parties.

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